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Super Saturday Streetcar Special XXV


Join the Wilmington Chapter NRHS for a very special double-anniversary charter on SEPTA’s streetcar routes on February 3, 2018. Our 25th annual day-before-the-Super Bowl trip, Super Saturday XXV will help SEPTA celebrate 125 years of electric streetcar service by using Kawasaki 9043 in a special anniversary wrap.

Our annual day-before-the-Super-Bowl trip (officially this is Super Saturday Streetcar Special XXV) will use Kawasaki Car 9043 in a special wrap commemorating 125 years of electrified streetcar service in Philadelphia. The car will normally be assigned to all routes except Route 15, so we'll take it on  Route 15 for rare photos. We'll also have our usual rare mileage on diversion routes. The trip will depart at 10:00 a.m. from Elmwood Depot in southwest Philadelphia (not far from from I-95 at the intersection of Island and Elmwood Avenues) for a five-hour charter. As always, there will be numerous photo stops. Fare for non-Wilmington NRHS Chapter members is $60. This year we’re offering a “membership and ride” option for $65. The reduced Chapter member fare is $50.

Tickets are $60 for non-chapter members and $50 for Wilmington Chapter members. If you would like to join the Wilmington Chapter now and get the discount, select the "join" option below and get the trip and a 2018 membership for $65.

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